The tighter the better!


cinch-50s-tnHmm… long time no post… things have been moving very slowly for me – probably because my band wasn’t tight enough… and then school holidays happened and I pigged out on ‘slider’ foods with the kids – damn that chocolate & icecream!

Anyways… had a fill last week and had 2ml put in, so think I’m up to 7ml in an 11ml band — I actually felt it tighten this time…. and I can no longer eat much! woohoo!!  I also now have an issue with iron – well, more-so than before… evidently my red cells aren’t creating enough iron – so to avoid an iron transfusion (Dr Harsha’s choice) I am frantically taking everything full of iron, supplements, spinach… nails… hahahaha

This last fill has been an interesting experience and I think that this is what it should have been like from the get-go. I am filled up very quickly and can survive on very little.  Most mornings I have my optifast breakfast – am so not a breakfast person, so this is nice and easy for me… Yesterday I adventured to cornflakes… 4 spoonfuls and 1 strawberry later I couldn’t fit any more in… and this morning fried and egg & toast… well, that all just came back – what I could manage to get down… Harsha  scheduled me for another fill this coming Thursday but will definitely cancel as I know that the band, if anything, it is too tight… but I’m happy to have it this way until xmas… I really really need this to help me cut back on my eating ability. We’re going away on Dec 10 and I think I will leave it as it is until the week before we go… probably just have the last 2ml taken back out for comfort sake more than the need for extra room for scoffing on holidays!

Anyways… I’ve started recording what I eat as it is quite astounding for me to need so little…

B/fast: Optifast drink
snack: tea or coffee (not always have this)
lunch: 100ml yoghurt + banana (takes me about 1hr to eat all this)
snack: 1 or 2 saltine crackers or mango (whatever is easy)
dinner: small slice of quiche/fritata, or 3/4 cup “casserole” type food
snack: fruit or yoghurt or icecream (1 scoop)

If I manage to eat all this without puking (dinner is hardest) then I’m doing great!  I am very fastly (hmmm don’t think that’s a word!) learing what I can and cannot eat… lots of cannots rearing their ugly head!!  My latest theme song is “i’m gonna be a super-model”… mainly cuz Ralf thinks that I’m now bulimic!  he has lots of smart comments like this morning… “so how was your egg… both times??”  oh ha ha ha… he won’t be laughing so hard when I’m super skinny!!! 😀

Until next time Fatty!


One comment

  1. Look after that iron count! Your eating looks about right for a bandit as far as I know! I struggle with eggs – don’t bother to even try until at least lunchtime if at all! Try and find the right spot where you can eat small amounts, no hunger but you’re not PBing everything!

    Good luck!
    Em 🙂

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